My first game

This season, I took my son to his first game. He is only 3. Before you tell me what a jerk I am, or what a waste of $$ that was, or he won’t remember it. I know. I know. But you’re all wrong. Of course he was intimidated at first, but he settled in quite nicely. He probably will never remember the game, as a matter of fact I can only tell you the Red Sox beat the A’s.

I had argued with my wife all season long about bringing him, because I felt he was too young. I am thrilled he was with us, because baseball is all about family, friends, memories and ballgames.

I clearly remember my first game. I was seven. The Red Sox played the White Sox (they wore those funny navy blue Bill Veeck uniforms,). Don Kessinger was the player manager at the time. Ryanfenway Carlton Fisk was and remains my favorite player then. Jim Rice was always my brother’s.

This little guy is my son Ryan. Memories and ballgames.



  1. Pirate

    Good stuff Rick. I bring my three year old to games all the time and while he was a bit timid at first, now he sits at the net on every pitch screaming his head off “swing batter!” If the batter swings and misses, he’ll yell “chheeesssseballll!”


    Time spent with Dad is what it’s all about at three.. not so much the game. If you’re having a ball, he will too!

    Good luck on the blog!

    Jake at Bucco Blog

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