Mike Lowell

Sign Mike Lowell. Men of integrity and talent are rare. Lowell is the cornerstone of this infield. His fielding is flawless; his bat underrated. He is a rock of a reliability who knows the game.

His offer is sound at 3 years for 36 million. I do not think the Sox should go more than 3 years. We can easily move Youkilis and get a solid first baseman.

Yes I’d love to have A-Rod, but not for the crazy $$ he wants.



  1. ggraubart@edensandavant.com

    You really think he has integrity – why don’t you wait until the Mitchell report comes out and his name is one of the eleven on roids.

    Lowell may very well be clean for 2006 but there are an awful lot of former Marlins from their championship year that have had connections with roids – see Mr. Sheffield. Also look at the one monster year Lowell had in Florida.

    You may say that this is bitter grapes coming from a yankee fan but take it from me – he will be implicated.

  2. Michael

    Lowell is probably getting phone calls from Varitek, Schilling & Ortiz this weekend. History shows if he goes and gets other offers the Sox will let him go (Damon & Martinez).

    There are no 11 names, it was a misunderstanding by the agent who talked to the Globe, among the current players Mitchell wanted to talk to 11 are current free agents. Which doesn’t mean those 11 were “suspects”, I’m sure veteran guys like Glavine, Pettitte & Piazza were asked to speak with Mitchell.

    I would be stunned Lowell used performance enhancing drugs, he’s as legit as they come. His “monster year” was in about 100 fewer ABs, not like he doubled his production. Lowell drives in 80 in ’06 when Ortiz & Manny combine for 240 in front of him, drives in 120 in ’07 when the two combine for 205…seems pretty consistant to me. He did hit one more HR this year, that musta been the difference.

    Sheffield wasn’t on the ’03 (in Atlanta) team he was on the ’97 team. Where was Lowell playing in ’97? Oh yeah, the minors for the Yankees, hitting over .300 with 30 HRs and driving in 92 combined AA & AAA (495 ABs); followed that up with .304/26/99 (510 ABs) in AAA in ’98. Then battled cancer for a year & a half or so and picked up in 2000 where he left off in ’98.

    Yes on the “bitter” grapes. If Monday rolls around with no deal signed in Boston the Yankees will buy him. Then the grapes will be ripe, the “roid” talk will end.


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