Next saturday, I will be speaking to the
Connecticut Florists’ Associaiton. My topic will be running a
publicity campaign. of course, I will be speaking about my
sponsorship of the Red Sox. As I jumped into my first power
point presentation, I reflected uopn all the marketing
vehicles I have employed to promote this sponsorship.I have
used the Red Sox logo on almost everything that goes out of
our shop. Our packaging, our stationary, employee uniforms,
our vehicles and evern our store window showcase our
affiliation. We have incorporated the logo in print
advertising, direct mail, the digital scoreboard at Fenway
Park and we will have an ad in Red Sox magazine this season.
Clients have seen me on http://www.finance.google.com, The Boston
Herald, The Patriot Ledger and The Boston Globe. We have
implemented the tel# 1-888-SOX-FLORIST and the website
http://www.soxflorist.com. This campaign has grabbed time and money
in hopes of great return on investment. Time will tell, but
it has been tremendously fun and exciting. All Red Sox fans
should know that our deal became official when the Rockies
visited Fenway in the summer of ’07; definitely ironic. I
like to think we were a lucky charm for 2007. I am sure the
attendees of my speech will be wondering why a florist would
sponsor a baseball team ? It’s simple. I attached my company
to the best brand in Boston.


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