Roger Kahn’s Memories of Summer

Just finished Roger Kahn’s Memories of Summer. What an enjoyable collection of stories about baseball. He provides great features on Mantle, Mays growing up in Brooklyn and cheering for the Dodgers. Kahn welcomes us into his world and leaves us longing for simpler times.

Although the times are clearly not simpler as Kahn shows how challenging life was then. He paints such a romantic picture of baseball pre free agency. day gamestiant.jpg, playing catch and being able to go to a game without mortgaging your house.

A recent local Boston paper refers to Red Sox tickets as the’gold standard in Boston.’ it is a shame that if a family of four were lucky enough to be able to get 4 tickes (ace value $50 each for good grandstands or fair upper boxes,); parking $40, cokes $4 each, hot dogs $3.5 each, various other snacks about $20-30, souvenirs $20-$30 for a cap. autographs from players – forget about it. saw uproven jacoby ellsbury’s autograph for sale on today for $199.

i applaud the red sox business acumen; of course I do. I am a part of it. they are great people from top to bottom. raising $$ to put a winner on the field. never losing site of their players, management, execs, investors, sponsors or customers. this is the ideal business model. i just wish boston had 2 teams. maybe it’s time.

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rcey7ie.jpgspecial thanks to Ron Cey and Luis Tiant for their signatures.


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