3-2 Today is another day

Not to worry. we cannot win them all. the bullpern faltered, but that will probably be our biggest weakness this year. although you cannot win too many games scoring only three runs. the team needs to get home to start winning.

tuesday april 8th. can’t wait. look for me in the right field box. do not forget. In Boston, JP Licks ice cream is giving free small ice creams in all their stores and Exotic Flowers is trading roses for Red Sox baseball cards in their stores.

special thanks to Bruin great Adam Oates for his autograph. Unfortunately Negro League great Ted Toles charges $10. No slight on him, but I do not pay for autographs. I told him his contribution to the game meant more than his signature to me.

I am still trying to figure out how to place these new images. please bear with me.

all is good in Boston. Celtics, Bruins in the playoffs. First time in years. do not forget enter to win red sox tickets. sign up for the Exotic Flowers newsletter and be automatically entered to win Red Sox tickets. www.exoticflowers.com/signup



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