The Big Hurt

Wow – this is rough. 3 countries in 2 weeks is not good for this team or any team. this is going to be a tough month. nobody has had a chance to get into a rhythm. and why did lugo hit in the ninth ?

glad to see Frank Thomas has not broken down. what an amazing series for him. many people are picking the jays and the Sox have to get these back from them. the jays are strong.

sorry to see kyle snyder go. he will be a great starter on a more mid sized team. keep in mind this guy was discarded by the royals, so his tenure with Boston really boosted his stock.

as I write this blog. I have seen some great ones. touch ’em all, the newberg report, time4baseball, oddball baseball collector and dirty sox.

by the way .. had the best mexican ever in the u.s. last night at la verdad. la verdad is right behind Fenway Park on Landsdowne street. get the mixed grill and fresh guacamole. the waitress was even great !!

psyched for work tomorrow at Exotic Flowers, Boston’s Premier Florist. We are creating over 40 arrangements for the Red Sox opener. My stores are also promoting opening day with a roses for baseball card event. on tuesday bring in any Red Sox baseball card for a rose (limit 3). stores are in Roslindale (7am-5pm) and Quincy Market (8am-9pm). also for the ridiculous to come by Red Sox tickets.. sign up for our newsletter and be automatically entered to win 2 box seats.



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