Bring back the Boston Braves

It is time for 2 teams in Boston. Never happen ? Never say never. No one brings it up. As if we are shwoing disloyalty to the Red Sox.. not a chance.

Love the Red Sox. Always have. love the game even more. But is ridiculous that you cannot get tickets to a game. if you can, it is a king’s ransom. would an nl team sell out. yes!

i know many cities wants team and mlb does not have the talent pool to expand, but we can fill the seats and creat a fan base.

i will always go to Sox game. you cannot compare to Fenway Park. it is magical, but this city is ready. let the kids and less fortunate be able to go to a game. $10 tickets to a major league game should be available to all Bostonians and New Englanders.

check out this bench made of Carlton Fisk Hall of fame bats. Awesome ! saw it at

fisk bench.jpg


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