Strong Economy

went to the the sox game the other day. as always the red sox delivered true fun and entertainment. as always the place was packed. people could not hand over their $$$ fast enough.

I do not know how long it has been going on, but people now pay with credit cards at the concessions. amazing. so much $$ is spent during a rain delay that the i am sure the sox hope for 1.

have you had the kettle corn at fenway. amazing. the best value in the park and the line is twenty deep throughout the game.

the red sox continue to impress me. fans want to give them their $$$. i love the red sox, but is time for boston to get another team. Boston could easily sustain it in attendance. the fan base is there.

i have given away over 30 tickets this year. 1 reason is for business; and the other is because so many more fans deserve to go besides dunkin donuts execs and friends of the elite.

I would love to give it our even more tix, so buy your flowers from Exotic Flowers in Boston. 😉 the better we do the more contests and tickets i can gve away.

Special thanks to Fred Lynn for his recent autograph. also, thanks to you Keith Foulke. Both signatures came ttm.



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