Turning Over a New Leaf

It has been quite a while since I have last written. I am sorry. Openign Day is fast approaching and I cannot wait. The Red Sox are finally back in action and placing all the right moves. The pitching is stacked. The have reigned in the young talent with long term deals. Bringing Varitek back is so key.

I think the only worried about run production is Ortiz. The lineup is jacked. From 1 thru 7, no holes. We just need some depth here. We have a strong bench. Hopefully Baldelli can give them the games and innings they need.

Seems like the memorabilia is crashing as fast as he economy. Looks like I picked a great time to launch a second business… we just soft launched the Fenway Collection 1912 at www.fenway1912.com and exhibiting in our 2 shops in Boston.

The good news here is that I can finally exhibit a great collection and call it a business.

This season’s blog will be a devotion to the game itself; the Red Sox, past games, memorabilia and the great new MLB Network. I love this station.


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