Business Plan – Growth Trends

The memorabilia industry is two-fold; vintage and non-vintage. For example, vintage is Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Non vintage is David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, game used merchandise and all authenticated mass signed items.

Sports memorabilia is a proven winner. The vintage collector will never go away. There is not only an affinity for the collector, but investment potential. Non vintage memorabilia is a growing business. It offers fans a way of connecting with the game. Father’s Day, Christmas and the every day fan are the biggest fish in this pond. The gift aspect of the business provides return customers and great growth opportunities. One of our colleagues (Steiner Sports) touts Neiman Marcus and Macys as their two biggest clients.

The market continues to grow in the Boston area and as the Red Sox brand grows, so goes the marketplace.

Another great item for the Fenway Collection 1912 – game used base from the 456th consecutive sellout.


game used base.jpg


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