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Business Plan – Fenway 1912 – Financing Strategy

The Fenway Collection 1912 is garnering investors. We are offering a 20% stake in the company for $10,000. We are not soliciting money from lenders, banks or the government for start up costs.

If $30,000 is raised:

$5000 web development

$1000 for banking, credit cards & communications set up

$500 for promotional branded clothing & hats

$500 for business cards

$500 for stationary

$500 for bumper stickers

$2000 for a direct mailer

$3500 for inventory

$3500 for overhead/bank account

$10,000 for advertising

$2000 for legal and corp. fees

I will be offering over $10,000 worth of sports memorabilia.

We have currently 80% of our stock in holding with only 20% left in offering.

red sox team bat.jpg2007 Signed Red Sox team bat.