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Six Red Sox All Stars

6bdda8af-e08a-4b73-bbd7-6d0e915e3787Fenway1912Com_W01_Thumbnail_600x600.jpgA great day when six Red Sox get on the AL All Star Team – the All Star Game is one my my favorite events in Major League Baseball. It was great to see Wakefied make the squad especially.
wake.jpgThese are six of my favorite memorabilia pieces to honor the stars.

bay signed.jpg
youklr.jpgCan’t wait til the All Star Game. My choices for add on All Stars Are Guzman and KInsler.



Hustler’s Handbook – Bill Veeck

Just finished Bill Veeck’s Hustler’s Handbook. Great stuff. Veeck is so inspiring. This book does pale in comparison to his autobiography, but Veeck is an inspiration. His skills as marketer and business man are the pinnacle. I will attack his son Mike Veeck’s after I finish Seth Godin’s Purple Cow.

Cannot wait til tuesday’s all star game. it was such a treat to myself as a youth. I always kept score, taped the game and bought myself Chinese Food.

I am still the leading bidder on the Red Sox Statue of Liberty. I am a bit nervous though as my boss does not think it is as great an idea as I do.


Recent Autographs

A special thanks to Negro league great Joe B Scott (the first African American to play at Wrigley Field), John Russell (Pirates Manager), Billy Hatcher (Reds Coach) and Reggie Lemelin (former Boston Bruins goalie) for adding to my autograph collection.

Scott_joe_b_photo Russell Billy_hatcher_autograph Lemelin

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