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Opening Day

Opening Day is one of my favorite holidays. The city is energized and hope springs eternal for all baseball fans. Boston is especially exciting.
Many Boston establishments offer all types of Opening Day specials. Lux Bond & Green, official Red Sox jeweler is giving out free sausages from 12-2pm. JP Licks ice cream is offering $1 scoops all day and Exotic Flowers is trading 10 tulips for 10 Red Sox baseball cards.

The rain has postponed today’s game and we get to soak up the Opening Day Celebration again tomorrow.


3-2 Today is another day

Not to worry. we cannot win them all. the bullpern faltered, but that will probably be our biggest weakness this year. although you cannot win too many games scoring only three runs. the team needs to get home to start winning.

tuesday april 8th. can’t wait. look for me in the right field box. do not forget. In Boston, JP Licks ice cream is giving free small ice creams in all their stores and Exotic Flowers is trading roses for Red Sox baseball cards in their stores.

special thanks to Bruin great Adam Oates for his autograph. Unfortunately Negro League great Ted Toles charges $10. No slight on him, but I do not pay for autographs. I told him his contribution to the game meant more than his signature to me.

I am still trying to figure out how to place these new images. please bear with me.

all is good in Boston. Celtics, Bruins in the playoffs. First time in years. do not forget enter to win red sox tickets. sign up for the Exotic Flowers newsletter and be automatically entered to win Red Sox tickets. www.exoticflowers.com/signup


Roger Kahn’s Memories of Summer

Just finished Roger Kahn’s Memories of Summer. What an enjoyable collection of stories about baseball. He provides great features on Mantle, Mays growing up in Brooklyn and cheering for the Dodgers. Kahn welcomes us into his world and leaves us longing for simpler times.

Although the times are clearly not simpler as Kahn shows how challenging life was then. He paints such a romantic picture of baseball pre free agency. day gamestiant.jpg, playing catch and being able to go to a game without mortgaging your house.

A recent local Boston paper refers to Red Sox tickets as the’gold standard in Boston.’ it is a shame that if a family of four were lucky enough to be able to get 4 tickes (ace value $50 each for good grandstands or fair upper boxes,); parking $40, cokes $4 each, hot dogs $3.5 each, various other snacks about $20-30, souvenirs $20-$30 for a cap. autographs from players – forget about it. saw uproven jacoby ellsbury’s autograph for sale on boston.om today for $199.

i applaud the red sox business acumen; of course I do. I am a part of it. they are great people from top to bottom. raising $$ to put a winner on the field. never losing site of their players, management, execs, investors, sponsors or customers. this is the ideal business model. i just wish boston had 2 teams. maybe it’s time.

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rcey7ie.jpgspecial thanks to Ron Cey and Luis Tiant for their signatures.

3-1 Big Papi is coming around

How about Big Papi ? Ortiz is healing and getting ready for monter year. with Manni in a contract year, I predict their best 1-2 punch year ever.! Ortiz does have to stay healthy.

I have been watching the free games on mlb package on cable. some teams are just so boring to watch. I love the Twins, always have, but empty seats (lots of them) on Opening Day is tragic. Some of these announcers put you to sleep.

When we first got cable 25 years ago, I was introduced to Mets, Cubs, Yankees & Braves baseball. What a treat ! I do remember however that Braves games put me to sleep and Harry Caray and Steve Stone made me a Cubs fan.

Cannot wait til opening day at Fenway ! all kinds of new stuff. my wife and I drove over Sunday evening just to get a feel for things.

Special thanks to future Hall of Famer, Jim Thome for adding to my autograph collection.


Do not forget 2 huge promotions at Exotic Flowers in Boston. On tuesday April 8th, bring in any Red Sox baseball card for a free rose (limit 3). Roslindale location open 7am-5pm and Quincy Market open 8am-9pm.

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