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The Phoenix Rises

8-6 The team is just working together and winning games. Bailey just cranked a 3 run homer. This team is solid. My only worry is the age. They need a healthy Kotsay to play some centerfield.

A shortstop could be within reach. Green is decent but has no range, I would not count on Lowrie (wrist) or Lugo (history).


The Fenway Collectio 1912 made a major purchase today. I picked t\up the bullpen phone from Fenway Park ! I only hope I can get Papelbon to sign it.


The Post Season Prediction 09

Phillies, Cubs, DBacks and Mets

Mets vs Dbacks



Red Sox, Twins, Angels, White Sox

Red Sox vs Twins

Red Sox


Red Sox – 86 will be redeemed.


Sold my nicest piece of baseball memorabilia today. In order to grow the Fenway Collection 1912 and someday have a museum then I must sell to increase revenue. I sold Jason Varitek’s game used catcher’s mask.



N.L. West Prediction

1.) Arizona – great pitching and good coaching

2.) Dodgers – Manny may set a BB record

3.) Giants – nice to see them back in the hunt

4.) Padres – just a lousy squad


2-5 The Red Sox are shaky, but no need to worry. this team is too good.

Picked up another sweet piece of memorabilia today. Purchased a Nokona Game Model bat signed by David Ortiz. It will make a sweet addition to the Fenway Collection 1912.

A.L. Central Prediction

1.) Twins – good coaching and great young team who should have won last year

2.) Indians – same as the Twins, but a few missing pieces

3.) White Sox – just not enough

4.) Tigers – Leyland and Cabrera cannot win all the games

5.) Royals – a long way to go


Picked up a great piece of memorabila today. I purchased Jacoby Ellsbury’s 2008 Red Sox locker room chair to add my Fenway Collection 1912.

Rest in Peace Mark Fidrych. You made the game better for all of us.

A.L. West Prediction

1. Angels – even injured they will run away with it

2. Rangers – solid team good manager wish they had more pitching

3. Athletics – not enough

4. Mariners – worth watching for Griffey only


excited to see Baldelli’s debut tonight. Go Sox !

also picked up a great piece of memorabilia today for the Fenway Collection 1912 – a hand signed 16X20 of Jed Lowrie

Turning Over a New Leaf

It has been quite a while since I have last written. I am sorry. Openign Day is fast approaching and I cannot wait. The Red Sox are finally back in action and placing all the right moves. The pitching is stacked. The have reigned in the young talent with long term deals. Bringing Varitek back is so key.

I think the only worried about run production is Ortiz. The lineup is jacked. From 1 thru 7, no holes. We just need some depth here. We have a strong bench. Hopefully Baldelli can give them the games and innings they need.

Seems like the memorabilia is crashing as fast as he economy. Looks like I picked a great time to launch a second business… we just soft launched the Fenway Collection 1912 at www.fenway1912.com and exhibiting in our 2 shops in Boston.

The good news here is that I can finally exhibit a great collection and call it a business.

This season’s blog will be a devotion to the game itself; the Red Sox, past games, memorabilia and the great new MLB Network. I love this station.