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Free T-shirt


A new logo was designed today for fenway1912. A free t shirt will go to the first person who can tell me what hero inspired the batter in the image. email rick@fenway1912.com


another prize of a free t shirt and cap will go to whomever can tell me which baseball card inspired this image. email rick@fenway1912.com



Fenway Collection 1912 – Business Plans E Commerce Marketing

This photo of Jason Varitek measures 20X20 and is signed by my favorite current Red Sox star and hangs prominently in my office.

As the Fenway Collection 1912 gets off the ground, our marketing plans are well thought out. Through ad words and email marketing along with local grass roots campaigning; a method for sound and loyal growth. The internet as a whole is rife with disloyalty. By growing steadily, we hope to establish a loyal customer base. Only`one of our competitors exhibits a loyal customer base at this time. 

Some growth initiatives include bumper stickers, direct mail, email newsletter, blogs and public relations. Hat and shirt giveaways at Fenway area pubs. Red Sox autograph signings. tekpic.jpg

Business Plan – Fenway 1912 – Accounting/Cash Flow

The first year of sales for the Fenway Collection 1912 projects at $122,500. We are assuming over 1000 transactions with a 30%margin. We hope to take away $25000 in dividends the first calendar year.

Our goals remain slow growth with a loyal customer base. We insist on building a strong foundation. Our symbol remains the strong foundation of Fenway Park 1912.

01225_ortihes000003.jpgWe hope for the successful return to greatness of Big Papi.