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Business Plan – Fenway 1912 – Insurance & Premises

kottag.jpgAs godaddy.com continues to develop our website, the Fenway Collection 1912 will keep a close eye on the business plan.

Insurance – Fenway Collection 1912 is taking a calculated risk by forgoing business insurance at this time. Expenses are tight, but as we do not have a storefront; business insurance is not making it til we generate over $250,000 in gross sales.

Premises – Space requirements are not applicable. Limited desk top space at home and work. While a good chunk of out business will be using a drop ship fulfillment center, we do not require much space.

Future space requirements will require a secure building to house the museum like collection in the future. A site analysis, demographic study, lease check off, occupancy costs and zoning issues can all be addressed at that time.