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Sports Collectors Digest

tw.jpgJust got my Sports Collectors Digest (SCD) in the mail today. I have been an on again off again subscriber for many years. Although the publication is quite biased and a bit amateurish I look forward to getting each issue as it is one of the few printed publications dedicated to Sports Memorabilia Collecting. The internet, with its ease of trade, has helped true collectors but crushed the hobby. The hobby is not pure, but what is ? Greed is a centuries old vice. It cannot be changed. Publications like SCD should stop voicing why business is gone away. Negativity is infectious.

SCD is an institution and has a responsibility to carry the torch. Promote the hobby. Tell the truth. Focus on the positive and report the negative. Kids do not collect, but few adults do as well. SCD needs to get the heads of the hobby on their side. Work together. Promote together. The writers at SCD should have full time positions with real benefits. Topps, UD, Panini, Steiner, MLB have an obligation to advertise in the periodical. The hobby helps the sport. Good marketing is a mix. And good companies know that.Michael Eisner & Bud Selig, please pay attention.